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sábado, 2 de abril de 2016


Thanks to International House Training and Development Scholarship, in a week´s time I will be flying to England to attend the 2016 Iatefl Conference. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement.

This year Birmingham will host the major event in ELT development, the convention above all conventions, the moment ELT professionals have been waiting for.  And we will also be celebrating IATEFL´s the 50th anniversary! Considering I am an English teacher at heart and that I embrace professional development as a way of life, I just couldn´t ask for more.

English Language Teachers from all over the world will go to this year´s mecca to develop and grow professionally and personally. We´ll meet, and share, and learn from one another; we will let our colleagues know about our own experience in our own corner in the world. We will celebrate coincidences and marvel at our differences.

All of us will profit from this opportunity, both the lucky ones who will be in Birmingham in person as well as those who will follow the conference from their own electronic device wherever they are, the way I myself have done in previous conferences and will do next year. What you see and what you hear on your screen is just the same as what an onsite attendee can see and hear. All teachers interested in their own development are offered the great chance of attending free of charge. The mecca of ELT development, IATEFL plenary conferences and seminars can be on all screens. Let´s make the most of it. 

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